About Gina…

I am a Mum, Daughter, Sister, an ex-Wife and now a Current Wife, a Wicked, Wicked Step-Mum  and a very proud Nanny.   When I married for the second time I was hoping for a title, something along the lines of Dame, Lady or even a Ma’am but fate dished it out a bit lower than that and I am now cheerfully known as Mrs. Kirkham the Third.  My Husband John really does like Wedding cake!

I have a beautiful daughter Emma, who is also my best friend, two amazing step-children, Jonathon and Becky and have been blessed with my gorgeous granddaughters, Olivia and Annie and more recently baby Arthur, my first grandson.   Haring around my home causing absolute havoc on a regular basis are my lunatic dogs, better known as Prozac & ADHD due to their individual personalities. 

I was born sometime in the not so swinging 50’s and by the time I had reached my first birthday, my Mum had already left me in my pram outside Woolworths on two separate occasions.  I went to Sunday School minus my knickers, a fact that only became evident by the sheer shock of the cold mahogany seat when I sat on the pew, dressed my dog Kansas in a bonnet and took him for walks in my dolls pram and was once sick all over baby Jesus at the School Nativity Play.

I ballet danced, tap danced and sang dreadfully, adored art, learnt how to darn socks and fell in love with ALL four of  The Beatles.  I bought Puppy Love by Donny Osmond from Woolworths, and this time remembered to take myself home just in case Mum forgot again.

I saved up and bought Alice Cooper’s ‘Schools Out’ as an act of rebellion and being grown up, but my Mum confiscated it, stuck it behind the tea caddy on the kitchen window and by the time I found it, it had melted and warped in the sun.  I cried at my loss and suddenly didn’t feel so rebellious or grown up anymore.

But grow up I did.    I followed the path of marriage, motherhood and divorce and then the next chapter of my life began.

Sometime during October 1988, whilst wearing a pair of dayglow pink legwarmers, kicking leaves and pushing a tricycle, actually it wasn’t any ordinary tricycle, it had a bin on the back for found treasures for my daughter, I suddenly decided that I wanted to follow a lifelong ambition to join the Police. Just like that, an epiphany, a marvellously wonderful, exciting idea. As I trampled through another pile of leaves, exuberantly kicking the autumn hues into the air, I began to meticulously plan my new career.

It truly never occurred to me that being a single Mum of a little girl, having lived quite a privileged and sheltered life AND being a blonde (if the mistaken perception that we are mentally challenged was to be believed), that any of these factors would have a serious impact on my dream.

I had a passion, an idealistic idea to give something back, to make a difference.

My chosen career was to take me on a long journey of self-discovery. There were times of tears and heartbreak, fear and trepidation, anger and frustration but above all, there was always laughter.  I had the honour and privilege throughout those years of working with and being the proud work-mate of so many courageous, brave and dedicated colleagues.

Upon my retirement after having sadly said goodbye to what had been a huge part of my life, I suddenly had another wonderful epiphany. This time it was to put pen to paper (or fingers to iPad) to write a book.

I needed an alter-ego for my adventures and lying in bed one night staring at the ceiling and contemplating life as I knew it, MAVIS UPTON was born.

MAVIS is a delightful, crisp loving (any flavour), big knicker hating, thirty something blonde with a huge heart, who one day whilst kicking leaves and pushing a tricycle had a wonderful epiphany to join the Police.

Does this sound a little bit familiar?

For Mavis (and me), it was not always plain sailing.


44 thoughts on “About Gina…

  1. Gina, If your book is anything like your blog it will be a huge success, wonderful reading, well done!

  2. Wow gina lovin all tht in the blog xx so lookin forward to readin ths book as its based on u lol xx gud luck with it !!!

    1. Bless you Lynn,
      Keeping my fingers crossed, I think the hardest part will be o find an Agent/Publisher…but I’ve bought the Writers & Artists Year book so hopefully I won’t drop any clangers in the process lol

  3. Just come across your blog Gina and its a corker ! Had me chuckling in my Cheerios ! I can’t wait to read more and look forward to the bound to be a success book. You have certainly inspired me to get blogging again. xx

    1. Thank you Brigitte, happy it gave you a giggle.
      It was something I hadn’t considered but a PR friend of mine recommended it as a way of helping me generate interest in my book and to bring ‘Mavis’ alive……..plus life can be miserable enough some days, so it’s nice to think that maybe you can give someone a smile.
      G xxx

  4. to you I raise a glass, may your future be as positive as both you r and your past work was. It nice to know you if only a little.

  5. I love reading your blog. I actually laugh out loud LOL. I would be thrilled with this in book form. Not just for myself, but I’d buy it for friends who I know would love it too. I even read snippets to my miserable husband, who has been known to chuckle. Keep up the good work, keep making us laugh, and thanks. Xxxx

  6. Hi Gina, I for one can’t wait to read your book. It will be great I am sure and knowing you and your lovely daughter Emma adds much more to it for me. . Your blog is really funny and if the book is the same it will make great reading. Lynda XXX

  7. Hi Gina.. Loving Mave on Twitter.. Can’t wait to see her in her full glory when you get her published.. Hope it’s soon.. She’s a great character..every girl from 30 to 90 will love her.. 💃💃💃💃

    Blogs are wonderful things, but this one sucks big time…..Why? Because it gives us a wee tantalising carrot, reels us in, then “poof”….stops!!! leaving one with a feeling reminiscent of the devastational loss I felt when the Beatles split up!!!
    In short, I want the rest…..where’s the rest Gina? I need the rest!!!!!!!

    1. That had me giggling Nita, bless you. It’s an unbelievably long process to do it the correct way (says she with her nose firmly adhered to page 276 of the Writers & Artists Yearbook..!) I’m trying to avoid shouting “Hey youse, wanna print me book” (said in a well practiced Liverpool accent) 😊😊 but there is some light on the horizon, I’ve had a few enquiries on the Agent front & a fab full-read review. I promise I’ll holler “Neet it’s on offer in Aldi fer 60p” if luck shines my way lol Gx

      1. ……remember me when you’re on thingy Morgan’s life stories!! Good luck chuck xx

    1. Lynne you’d be perfect – amazing sense of humour, fabulous comedic acting and timing, couldn’t think of anyone better – with a blonde wig lol Gx

    1. Lol…young being the operative word for all those years ago..! Thank you, I was very blessed with all the fab colleagues I met as a S/Con that gave me the confidence and drive to go on to join Merseyside Police as a ‘regular’, which in turn gave me an amazing career….and a sense of humour…and then a book..! 😊 Gx

  9. Great reading Gina, To have such a good sense of humour in what can be one of the most difficult jobs.
    Please let us know when you are published, and plenty more to come I hope. Thanks Jim.

    1. Thank you Jim, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The blog has some extracts from the book & some stand alone stories, it helped me to see if readers enjoyed my style of writing. The book is completed but I’m on the hard bit now – getting it represented & published 😬 there are so many excellent writers out there, it’s a very competitive market for a beginner but I’m learning – slowly! Lol Gx

  10. I only discoverfed your blog and tweets recently but they brighten up my days. Can’t wait for your book.

    1. Thank you so much Adrian, that’s brightened up my day for you to say that. I’m a bit of a novice at the writing, but I’m learning something new every day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the publishing side, it’s a hard game to break into. Mavis has so many stories to tell 😉 so I’m drafting out a sequel in between nanny duties, dog walking and getting notoriously distracted by…..oh look it’s a seagull….. 😊 Gx

      1. 😀😀Just do what you’re doing already. Just spotted my typo. Will have to work out how to edit that! Joys of tweeting half asleep😳

        Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone

  11. Really great stuff Gina. I didn’t know you had this blog site and ambitions to be a writer! I will keep an “eye out” for more posts.

  12. Enjoyed bumping into you at the farm today Gina. I needn’t have been bothered about the feelings about the 95-year-old lady with me when you told me the title of your book, although I was cringing a bit at the time! When we got home she mentioned meeting you and how pretty you are, then quoted the ‘Handcuffs, Truncheon” and “those little things some people wear” whilst indicating the appropriate knicker area!!

    Made me chuckle. I think she might be first in the queue when your book comes out!

    Best of luck.


    1. Joan that did make me laugh, thank you, I think the lady behind the counter was a little wide eyed too ☺️. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, as soon as I hear anything I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops. Take care, and I hope to see you again one day. Gina x

    1. What a lovely thing to say Tracy, thank you, hopefully I am..! 😋 A smile or a giggle can always make even a bad day seem a little better. Must admit, I’ve been very blessed with what I have…and I’m incredibly wicked on a night out 😂 X

  13. Hi Gina,
    Andrea and myself are both reading your book at the moment. One of us looking for an insight into what goes on in the closed shop that is policing and one of us a bit nervous that you will have revealed too much.
    Really inspirational to see that you have not only written such a fabulous book but also all the promotional work. Makes me want to go out and be creative. Whrn I know what it is I’m creating I’ll let you know.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Dave,
      lovely to hear from you and thank you, that’s such a lovely thing to say. Yes, I think a few people held their breath in nervous anticipation, all’s good though….until maybe Book 2 – The Next Decade…!
      Seriously, I had a wonderful career with Merseyside Police, loved every minute and had so many great opportunities there. A fantastic period of my life that I’ll always be so very proud of.
      Now thoroughly enjoying retirement and being a Nanny to two gorgeous granddaughters, I couldn’t wish for anything more in life.
      Let me know when your creativity kicks in, we’ve all got it somewhere!
      Best wishes

  14. Wonderful evening spent with Gina at Little Sutton Sapphires WI. A must read. Haven’t laughed so much in ages. Thoroughly enjoyed your talk.

  15. Hi Gina, I have just listened to your first book, took me back to my days as a young WPC (yes we could say that then) in the early 1970’s.Your book made me laugh out loud and was looking forward to listening to the second and find it’s not on Audio or Audible. As an old crock not able to hold a book any longer, I rely on this facility.Please, please will it be on audible soon? some of the antics that Mavis got up to are all to close to home, initiation ceremonies for rookies and in my keen excited days newly out of Police Training thinking that I knew it all, finding that my legs didn’t necessarily go on the same direction as my body. My first RTA saw me in the ambulance with the casualty as unbeknownst to myself I got the car radio lead around my leg, flung the door open at the scene, ran, found within a second that was flat on my face with the car radio hanging from my leg!

    1. Hi Vanessa-Ann, how lovely of you to message me, thank you. I love to hear if you have enjoyed my scribblings 😊 Amazon optioned for the rights for Handcuffs to go to Audible, but as yet they haven’t approached my Publisher to do the same with Whiskey, Tango. I know exactly how you feel, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands so book holding is a no-no for me now too. I’m mainly a Kindle but sometimes treat myself to an audio book too. That story made me laugh out loud, I had a colleague in plain clothes who did the same with the old plug in/stick on the car roof blue light. Great days. If you email me at ginakirkham@aol.com with your email address, should Amazon take up on the option for book 2 & 3 in the series, they send me complimentary codes to give away, so I will send one to you but it does take quite a few months from option, recording and publication to it being available. I’m so sorry it’s not sooner. 😕

  16. I am trying to contact you with regard to you giving a talk to our u3a.
    I am Speaker secretary for Ellesmere Port & District u3a

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