Sometime during October 1988, whilst wearing a pair of dayglow pink legwarmers, kicking leaves and pushing a tricycle, actually it wasn’t any ordinary tricycle, it had a bin on the back for found treasures for my daughter, I suddenly decided that I wanted to follow a lifelong ambition to join the Police. Just like that, an epiphany, a marvellously wonderful, exciting idea. As I trampled through another pile of leaves, carefully avoiding a rather large doggie deposit, but wheeling the bike through a smaller, squishier one, I began to meticulously plan my new career………

It truly never occurred to me that being a single Mum of a little girl, having lived quite a privileged and sheltered life AND being a blonde……that any of these factors would have any serious impact on my dream. After all, regardless of sex, status, creed, religion, quantity or quality of brain cells or hair colour, this was a time of equal opportunities. .

I had a passion, an idealistic idea to give something back, to make a difference.

My chosen career was to take me on a long journey of self-discovery.  There were times of tears and heartbreak, fear and trepidation, anger and frustration but above all there was always laughter.  I had the honour and privilege throughout those years of working with and being the proud work-mate of so many courageous, brave and dedicated colleagues.  These colleagues also had as a much needed necessity,  a quick wit and a great sense of humour in the face of much adversity!

Upon my retirement after having sadly said goodbye to what had been a huge part of my life, I suddenly had another wonderful epiphany – this time it was to put pen to paper (or fingers to iPad) to write a book.

I needed an alter-ego for my adventures and lying in bed one night staring at the ceiling and contemplating life as I knew it, MAVIS UPTON was born.

MAVIS is a delightful, crisp loving (any flavour), big knicker hating, thirty something blonde with a big heart, who one day whilst wearing Dayglow Pink leg warmers, had a wonderful epiphany to join the Police………..does this sound a little familiar?

For Mavis, as it was for me – it was not always plain sailing.

HANDCUFFS, TRUNCHEON and A PRIMARK THONG is a humorous and sometimes poignant look at the life, loves and career of an every day girl who followed a dream.


(c) 2013 GJK


One thought on “AN EPIPHANY

  1. Delightful Mavis! A. Xxx

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