I don’t normally post anything political, what I believe in, what I vote for, what I stand for, is my business, but after reading so many awful comments being made on social media, ridiculing those that have voted to leave the EU, I have broken my own promise.

Regardless of how each of us voted, the result is what it is, to leave the EU.

Of course there will be uncertainty, a fall in the pound was inevitable and the coming months will show what we can truly expect, without the spin and lies that have been given by both sides, social media and the press.

This Country has survived more terrible losses in the past than a Referendum. It lost so many brave men and women who fought for it and for freedom, ultimately your freedom to vote without restraint. That is true loss.

We are the ones that make this Country great, not Politicians, not faceless members of other Countries. It is us, the people.

It is up to us to now stand together strong whilst we go through this transition. We have always been a GREAT Country and as long as we show tolerance, understanding and compassion whilst we work to achieve our goals, we will remain so.

To stay divided will also divide this Country at a time when we need to be side by side, regardless of our different opinions.

Don’t denigrate, ridicule or blame others for voting differently from you, this is what democracy is all about. An individual’s right to be part of a wider decision making process.

We survived successfully before the EU, there are other Countries who benefit from the EU but still remain independent. There is no reason why, if we work hard towards it, we can’t have that success once again.

What is done is done. Bleating about it, blaming others, being nasty, posting horror stories, crying racism will not help. We will most certainly be seen only as a Country divided not one that is trying to stand brave, bold and be counted.

Unless something changes, this is what we have to work with, hopefully we will go forward, weather the storms and do it together.

This Country will only become a disaster if we turn our backs on it and embrace failures rather than success.


(C) 2016 Gina Kirkham